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The Natural Educational Centre the Gorce Gateway is a place where the Gorce nature and culture become familiar and appear in full splendour of their richness.

There is the longest footpath in trees in Poland that takes the visitor from the level of the groundcover to treetops here. They can be observed from one of the viewing towers. The path gently rises to several metres above the ground in the highest point.

It worthwhile going underground as well – thanks to the visit in an underground tunnel with its exposition dedicated to geology and cave dwellers you will see a less known face of the Gorce.

The route ends in a multimedia educational pavilion where you can touch, feel and get to know the nature of our mountains and have fun at the same time. It is also here that you will meet the shepherd culture that is an indispensable part of the Gorce landscape. You can look into a shepherd’s hut, touch real sheep wool and you can even play the part of a local sheep dog. You can watch an interesting film about the Gorce and the region in the cinema in the pavilion.

There are two cafés in the Centre with excellent beverages and homemade cakes, as well as a grill where you can have a meal after your sightseeing.

There is car access to the Centre both from Nowy Targ – Długa Polana parking, and from Waksmund – car parks at Na Równi and Kościelna streets. There is a tourist train from Kościelna Street to the Centre, as well as buses.

The Gateway in numbers

Path length: 1300 m
Viewing towers height: 17 i 35 m
Underground tunnel: 40 m
Educational pavilion: 300 m2

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