Information on how to get to the Brama Nature and Educational Center in Gorce from Waksmund or Nowy Targ using our partners' car parks can be found under the map.



Parking at Kościelna Street

The car park is located in Kościelna street in Waksmund. Its an unguarded parking and it is open from 8:00 a.m.! The parking charge can be paid only on the spot! A daily parking charge for a passenger car is 20 zł. There is still a 4 km distance to the Gorce Gateway from here.

Transport offer from the car park in Waksmund to the Gorce Gateway.
Our partner at Waksmund parking offers transfers to the Natural Educational Centre Gorce Gateway.

There are 2 transfer options:

  • "Choo-choo train” - 10 zł per person
  • Bus (8 person capacity) - 10 zł per person

Parking – Kościelna St. (Bus/Choo-choo train) - Google Maps

Parking in Waksmund - Kościelna St.

Parking at Na Równi Street

The car park is located at Na Równi Street jn Waksmund. It is an unguarded parking accessible from two sides - from St Florian Street (left exit from the main road in Waksmund, before the fire station) and from Na Równi Street (opposite the Elementary School). The parking is open daily from 9:00 a.m. in vacation periods. A daily parking charge for a passenger car is 20 zł. The car park is a 4 km distance from the Gorce Gateway.

  • Jeep (8 person capacity) - 10 zł per person

Parking - Na Równi St. - Google Maps

Parking in Waksmund – Na Równi St.

Nowy Targ

Parking at Długa Polana - Nowy Targ

The car park at Długa Polana is located in Nowy Targ near the starting point for walking trails to Turbacz Mount. Leave your car here and walk the remaining distance of 1.5 km to the Gorce Gateway on foot.

Parking - Długa Polana - Google Maps

Information for people with disabilities

We recommend the disabled/wheelchair users to use the car parks in Waksmund and the transport system to the Centre. For people with disabilities who may have difficulties using public transport, there is a possibility of direct access to the Center at ul. Gorczańska from Waksmund. However, this should be reported by email to, at least the day before, the car must be marked as a disabled person's vehicle. We also have an electric wheelchair at the disposal of the disabled, which will facilitate visiting the Center. The willingness to use it should be reported at the ticket offices of the facility or in advance to the above e-mail address:

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