Guided tours for groups

The Gorce Gateway – is it an educational centre or a scenic path? How high above tree tops are we? Do trees talk to one another? Should you be afraid of a wolf? What does rev. prof. Józef Tischner have in common with Vlachs? Is polypore edible? What is puciera used for? Or do you have any other queries you have no answer to? You are welcome to visit the path with an experienced guide who will answer (almost) every question.

Guide rates:

  • 200 zł for a group (max. 30 persons) + ticket for an organised group
  • 200 zł for a group of visitors (max. 30 persons) + ticket for an individual visitor


The duration of your visit depends on weather or individual needs (normally 1.5 – 3 hrs on the path).
Contact number for guide reservations: +48 577 018 048


  • a guided tour can be booked online: at least 5 days in advance
  • payment for a guide and tickets should be made online on receipt of the confirmation of your booking
  • cancellation of your reservation not later than 48 hrs before your visit (only online by e-mail)
  • for late cancellations or no-shows there is a cancellation charge of 200 zł
  • it is also possible to pay for a group on the spot in the ticket office – prior e-mail contact and confirmation are required

Additional information:

  • optimal size of a group 15-25 persons
  • for organised groups one guide can guide max. 30 persons
  • if the group has e.g. 50 persons, one attendant gets a ticket for 1 zł

Information for guides:

  • groups can use their own guides on the path
  • there is currently no requirement of a license to guide visitors, but we do not take any responsibility for the information provided. Licensing rules for guiding in the Gorce Gateway will be announced shortly.

Access for groups:

There are 2 ways to get to the Natural Educational Centre for organised groups:

Variant I
You can leave your bus on one of the paid car parks at the Długa Polana ski station and walk about 1 – 1.5 km following the route on a map

Variant II
You can leave your bus on the paid car park in Waksmund and use their transport options from there.

Parking - Kościelna (Bus/Ciuchcia) - Google Maps

Strona parkingu w Waksmundzie - Kościelna

Our partner at Waksmund parking offers transfers to the Natural Educational Centre the Gorce Gateway.

There are 2 transfer options:

  • "Choo-choo train” - 10 zł per person
  • Bus (8 person capacity) - 10 per person

Contact for transport: +48 501 260 776

For transport options contact directly our Partner at the above telephone number or e-mail.