Educational pavilion

When your photo from the tower is conquering the internet, you will be gently  moving on  towards the forest ground cover. At the end of the path you will find a place full of titbits, knowledge and great fun. Go inside to see what our expert Gorce nature lovers have prepared for you. Do you want to hear a capercaillie? No problem. Do you want to touch sheep wool or find out how oscypek cheese is made? Or you want to try your hand at shepherding, be a sheep dog? You are welcome – enter a shepherd’s hut! Get to know through play the most beautiful forest dwellers – the bear, deer, wolf, lynx, roe.  Find out why it is the salamander that is the logo of the Gorce National Park. You can touch everything and see how it works in the pavilion. Experience nature with all your senses. At the end you can see an informative film about our great mountains. It will put everything in its place and context  and help you remember better.

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